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You're 42% more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down.

I'm Jay O'Donnell. Here to help you discover the "how" and "why" of goal setting. Watch the video below for a quick introduction and explore all of the free resources on this site.


Level up your goal setting with printable and Notion compatible templates. Brainstorm, organize, and track your goals.


I’ve tested just about every planner, journal, and notebook on the market. Review my recommendations and find the right fit for you.

GAA Resources

We all learn and find inspiration in our own unique way. I’ve compiled my favorite tools and resources for reading, listening, watching and practicing.


Hear from me twice a month. I’ll share goal setting tips and tricks, new resources and reviews, and other insights to inspire your goal setting journey.

Printable Templates

I encourage you to print one of each to start. Experiment with the format that works best and make a ton of copies once you’ve found what works best!

Notion Templates

Coming soon! I use Notion to help me keep track of all the goal setting resources I’ve compiled over the years. I am building templates for those of you who prefer to track your goals online.

Notebook Reviews

Find the right notebook to capture your ideas and goals with intention. Click on any of the items to open up a larger view with my observations.

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